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St Louis Area Pickleball Lessons, Corporate Pickleball Events, Team Building and Private Parties.

Engineering Firm

Thank you Thank you. You and your team made it so easy to plan our event. This is our second year of hosting a corporate Pickleball outing with Callahan Pickleball Academy. Our staff and executives love the venue...the stadium court and adjacent courts at Dwight Davis Tennis Center inside Forest Park. The instruction was perfect because it was all about fun (my uber competitive co-workers played on designated courts).  Getting to play socially not only with team members, but other co-workers we don't normally interact with made the event a great team building occasion. Everyone was playing within 15 minutes and had a ball. We played for 2 hours and could have played longer we were having so much fun.

Biotechnology Company

I was charged by my boss with finding something fun to do during our 3 day corporate meeting that would allow everyone to participate and not just sit at a bar or restaurant. We brought out 30 of our corporate staff, scientists and remote salespeople. Who knew they'd have so much fun. We had 5 countries and all 4 regions represented and it seemed like one big happy family. Just being in Forest Park at the Dwight Davis Tennis Center....the entire venue and the patio, chairs and tables were ideal for our afternoon breakaway from corporate meetings and before our informal dinner. We just showed up and everything was in place; the instructor, paddles, balls and we had the whole place to ourselves. The team wants to do it again next quarter. Next time, we may even select the catering options you offer. Thanks John and everyone at the Callahan Pickleball Academy. 

Private Party

My friends thought I was crazy when I said I was having a Pickleball party for my milestone birthday. We brought our own food, had a taco bar, desert bar and more appetizers than I can imagine. The money we saved versus going out to a restaurant will pay for our next vacation. Some friends had played before, most had not. But within 20 minutes or so, everyone was out on the courts having fun and laughing and talking trash. Now it seems like half of all the guests are playing pickleball with their families. Thanks for a fab 50 birthday party guests loved it and keep talking about doing it again. Thanks John and your great staff.

Technology Company

Thank you John. You and your staff made it so easy to set up. We picked the date, the hours, brought our own food and chose a format that included instruction and lots of playing. We arranged it in the afternoon then headed out to dinner. It was a turnkey corporate event and everyone from sales, support, engineering, finance and administration had a ball. Thanks for a unique, fun and memorable event. We're bringing a different group back next quarter!

Pickleball Lessons - "Certified Pickleball Professional"

St Louis Area Pickleball Lessons, Corporate Pickleball Events, Team Building and Pickleball Parties.

Just bought the perfect Pickleball gift (Pickleball Lessons) for my Mom and saved $100

My mom has been playing for several years. She still wants to improve, be more confident in her game and enjoy the Pickleball even more.  I just bought the Package of Five One Hour Lessons Gift Certificate...retail: $300 bucks for $199. I've seen John teach some of my playing partners. His style is easy going, encouraging and not intimidating in any way. I was amazed at how quickly his beginner and intermediate students learned the right way to play Pickleball, corrected flaws in their form, improved consistency, had more confidence in their shots and had more fun. All in all, his lessons are worth for more than he charges. When I heard the discounted gift certificate were on sale, I jumped on it. $199 for 5 lessons. Done. Paying with PayPal was a breeze. My Mom's going to love it.

A happy daughter with an even happier Mom - St. Louis

Beginner Bundle

Thanks John! I didn't know where to start. I wanted to learn, but didn't want to go to a rec center or gym somewhere  where you get  five minutes of instruction and then are thrown into open play.  I wanted to learn the game at my pace.  Most importantly, I wanted a real lesson within 20 minutes from our home. Within one minute I was dinking with John. No lectures about rules and history. We covered the basics and my tennis background (from 30 years ago) helped my learning curve. I even learned how to serve consistently, when to come to the Kitchen and why Dinking, Control and Soft shots are better than my old "Bang Bang" forehand. I signed up for five more lessons and I'm comfortable now going to Open Play / Drop Ins. Get the Beginners Bundle, it worked for me. Thanks John.  Look at me, I'm playing Pickleball! 

Leslie in Ladue   


The Kitchen

OMG, I'd been playing for 2 months and didn't know you could ever step in the Kitchen. My friends said it was quicksand and you could never ever ever go in the kitchen. John taught me how to approach the Kitchen Line, where to stand and not be paranoid of stepping in to hit the ball after it bounced. He even showed me how to reach over the line and hit he ball before it bounced. My friends had told me to plant my feet, hold my ground and do not move. John asked me exaggerate moving my feet, be more free spirited and lean forward. Wow, I felt like a piano was off my back. He also taught me how to hit the ball over the net to keep it in play and which shots to hit hard. For the first two months, I was hitting everything the same way and most of the times my shots went into the net or were way out. John showed me why and how to dink until my opponent makes a boo boo and then I put it away, down the middle. Pickleball is so much more fun when you're not afraid of the Kitchen! Thank you John. Kay - STL

The Wrist and the Flip

I played other racket sports so I figured I could just flip my wrist, swoosh the paddle and put champion spin on the ball. Boy, was I wrong. After 6 months of frustration I watched John in a doubles exhibition match. To my surprise, he didn't flip, slice or spin. I scheduled a one hour lesson the next day. Within half an hour, I had a firm wrist, hit through the impact zone with an abbreviated backswing and follow through and my dink was much more consistent. Most importantly, I wasn't intimidated when dinking and my confidence was restored. I have much more fun playing now that I know the correct techniques. Thanks John for your patience in helping me get rid of the yips. Alex - St. Louis County

The Serve

Check out our unique, fun and informative videos on our YouTube Channel: Pickleball Serving Lessons during the 2017 Eclipse.

I hated serving. How can I not get it in? Why isn't it deeper. Why do I look like I don't know what I'm doing. After all, I'm a tennis player and played racketball and ping pong too. I watched John giving a serving lesson to a beginner and saw it was time to rethink my serve. The next weekend, I set up an hour lesson, just to check it out. John suggested I eliminate the "stepping" during my serve. I then began my service motion with the paddle already behind my right knee. I eliminated the excessive follow through and worked on transferring my weight toward the target. My "paddle path" was direct to my target. My serves went from inconsistent and embarassing to center deep with an elegant service motion.  Thank goodness. Now, I have more fun because I know I have a good service motion and an effetive serve. My partner is now taking lessons too. Thanks Coach John, you improved my game big-time!  Dan - Ladue

Service Return

I was always getting caught in the wrong position. I'd be short hopping service returns and getting caught in no mans land. No fun. John taught me to stay behind the baseline until I knew the serve was to my forehand or backhand and whether it was short, center or deep. I now prepare earlier, seem to have all the time in the world and approach the No Volley Line after my return. I used to run through my return because I was told to "get to the kitchen line". I can't get there in one shot at my age and I was never that fast. I know approach half-way, split step, return the shot and take a few more steps. I'm not 25 years old and I'm just learning to play. It's alot more fun and John's teaching style made me comfortable explaining to him that I just can't get there. I'm having more fun and explained to my lady friends that they don't have to try to do something they can't do. Some of us are over 50 and not track stars. I play within my capabilities and now, i win a lot more points and matches because of what John taught me. Now we're working on how to Dink and how to hit a drop shot. Thank John from a beginner born in the 60's. Sally - Clayton, MO

And even more testimonials

I was amazed at how quickly John helped me correct flaws in my form, improve consistency and have more confidence in my shots. My rallies are longer and I'm having more fun.  

Thanks John - a 3.0 recreational player 

Within half an hour, I had a firmer wrist and  shortened my backswing and follow through. Most importantly, I became comfortable with extended dinking rallies and my confidence improved. 

Thanks Coach - a 3.5 / 4.0 intermediate


You made it easy and fun to learn all the basics. My husband I are already playing with our friends. Thanks John!

UMSL Pickleball Student

We love the new Pickleball courts & your lessons. Look at me, I'm playing Pickleball! 

Leslie in Ladue

Our friends at the gym were bangers and afraid to go into the kitchen. We bought the five lesson package just for the two of us. Within two weeks, we were back at the gym teaching them the right way to play. We love Pickleball. 

Betty & Al from St. Louis.  


I personally guarantee your game will improve.

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John R. Callahan

2019 U. S. Open Pickleball Championships: Gold & Silver Medalist

USAPA / PPR Certified Pickleball Professional



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