Pickleball Lessons
in St. Louis

Pickleball Lessons at Tower Grove Park. Indoor at Frontenac Racquet Club. 

"The Fastest Way to Learn, 

Best Way to Improve"

"The Fastest Way to Learn, Best Way to Improve"

John Callahan teaches Pickleball lessons in St. Louis and teaches how to play Pickleball.

"The Fastest Way to Learn,

Callahan Pickleball Academy provides Pickleball lessons in St. Louis.

What is Pickleball?

How to play Pickleball? 

We are experienced and trusted teaching professionals. 

That's why we are "The Fastest Way to Learn" how to play Pickleball? 

Beginner Lessons: Save up to $25 on our 5 Lesson Package.


Best Way to Improve"

Are you playing Pickleball, but not improving?

Playing Open Play isn't efficient at helping you improve at Pickleball.

Players wanting to improve or have more fun take lessons and practice sessions. 

That's why we are also the "Best Way to Improve" your Pickleball game.

Intermediate Lessons: Save up to $25 on Lessons / Practice Sessions


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