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2019 U.S. Open Gold & Silver Medal Winner and USAPA / PPR - "Certified Pickleball Professional"

 "The Fastest Way to Learn, Best Way to Improve"  

John is a Gold and Silver medalist at the 2019 U.S. Open, a PPR Certified Pickleball Professional and author of Pickleball Tips, Strategies, Lessons and Myths


Please note that due to Coronavirus conerns all pickleball clinics are cancelled until further notice. Please be safe. Please stay in touch by phone, text, email and social media.

This Week's Schedule:  

Private & Semi-private Lessons:

60 minute or 90 minute “Play with a Pro” (1 to 3 people, $75 total per hour, $112 total for 90 mins.). $5 guest fee for non-members.

Available 7 days a week, subject to court availability.

Regularly Scheduled Clinic Times: 

($21 members, $26 non-members)

Novice and Intermediate: Fridays 11:00 to 12:30 

Novice/Intermediate: Saturdays and Sundays: 10am to 11:30am

Intermediate: Saturdays and Sundays: 11:30 – 1:00pm.

Text John at 314-474-8400 to reserve your spot. Clinics are limited to 8 participants


Uodated Pickleball Open Play Schedule - January - May 9,2020

Mondays: 8-11 am  max 36 Players / 6 courts. 

Tuesdays: 8-11 am  max 12 Players / 2 courts.
Wednesdays: 6-9 pm   max 12 Players / 2 courts.
Thursdays: 8-11 am   max 36 Players / 6 courts.

Thursdays: 6-9 pm   max 12 Players / 2 courts.
Fridays: 8-11 am   max 24 Players / 4 courts.
Saturday Free Reserved Play: 7-9 am    max 24 Players / 6 courts.

Sundays: 7 - 10am  max 12 Players / 2 courts. 

******New Event @ CCRC
Dinks and Drinks: Friday Nights 4:30-8 pm
Introductory Price $15 for Members $25 For Guests
Includes organized couples play for 3 hours.
Beer, Wine and Famous Margaritas
Chips and Salsa with Snacks.
Must register by Thursday at 4 pm to reserve spots
30 Max Adults. Over 21 Only.


Corporate Event, Team Building Activity or Private Party:

Indoor options are available now. 

Contact John and the corporate events staff directly at 314-474-8400 to discuss your Corporate Event, Team Building Activity or Private Party. Available 7 days a week, morning, afternoon and evening, subject to availability. You'll get exclusive use of the Pickleball facility. Catering and premium beverage options are available. All instruction and equipment is included. 

Reserve your Pickleball Lessons NOW.

Pickleball Lessons:   

Want to learn the game or improve immediately instead of hoping to improve by watching YouTube or going to more open play sessions? Want to have more fun playing Pickleball? Want to improve your game before going back to open play? Want to improve before your next tournament?  

Indoor Pickleball lessons at beautiful Creve Couer Racquet Club are available 7 days a week.

Your private Pickleball Lessons include court time and paddles/balls (if needed) for one to three students.  BUY  Pickleball LESSONS - CLICK HERE 

Current Callahan Pickleball Academy Students include: 

*U. S. Open Pickleball Championships - Women's Gold and Silver Medal Winners

*beginners wanting to quickly learn how to play pickleball, 

*open play junkies frustrated by lack of improvement, 

*intermediate players with some rec play experience, 

*USAPA Ambassadors, 

*current & former tennis players,

and local and national tournament players...

all looking for "The Fastest Way to Learn, Best Way to Improve."      

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Private Pickleball Lessons: 

Wondering  why you're not improving despite attending more open play sessions?   Outdoor lessons are $60 per hour (1 to 3 students - $20  extra per additional student). Court Time and Equipment is included. $90 for 90 minutes. Indoor lessons are $76 per hour and include court time.

Daily:   8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.  Subject to Availability.  


Pickleball Schedule:      

Pickleball Lessons and Pickleball Court Reservations:

Daily from 8:00  a.m. - 8:00 p.m.  Subject to Availability.       

"Play with a Teaching  Pro"   Wondering why you and your open play friends aren't improving?  90 minute play sessions for 3 players. Put together  your own group and schedule your Pickleball training sessions. In- game feedback on improving consistency, reducing unforced errors, shot mechanics / form, shot selection, court positioning and strategy. Have more fun and improve your game immediately. $90 for 90 minutes, $60 per hour.  Indoor sessions are $76 per hour    


Indoor and outdoor options are available for your corporate event or private party. Call / text / email John to reserve your date as remaining 2020 dates are limited.     

Schedules and services are subject to change at any time.    


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