Thank you - Refer and Save

Dear Pickleball Friends,

It happens all the time, doesn't it? We meet people at Open Play or out and about who:

  • want to learn how to play Pickleball
  • need to take Pickleball lessons or schedule practice sessions to improve
  • represent a school, club or park looking for Pickleball equipment or programs. 

Where can they go for a good experience and to learn, improve or play with more confidence? 

The sport of Pickleball needs a higher quality, reliable and scalable onboarding process. We've all heard stories of unmet expectations and disappointment from newbies trying to learn how to play Pickleball. We've all seen beginner, intermediate and even advanced players get stagnant, hit a plateau or lose confidence. Maybe they just need a few Pickleball practice sessions. 

In any of those instances, we'd like to ask you to consider recommending Callahan Pickleball Academy. Especially for those who want to learn how to play Pickleball. Our interest is in teaching beginners and intermediates "The Fastest Way To Learn, Best Way To Improve." We want to help grow the game of Pickleball in the St. Louis area and beyond. We want to be the answer to the question of "where can I go to learn how to play Pickleball."

As you know, we have a beautiful facility: convenient access (Hwy 40 & Lindbergh), safe neighborhood, great lighting, 4 hard court Pickleball courts, mens and women's locker rooms, nearby parking...I could go on and on...(welcome desk, great vibe with 11 tennis courts - 15 tennis pros, snack bar & lounge... ) and we love teaching people of all ages and athletic backgrounds how to play Pickleball.

As our way of saying thank you for trusting us and referring us we offer you a choice of the following for each person you refer who takes a lesson: 

$5 off indoor court reservation or private / group lesson

or one free open play session. 

There is no limit to how much you can save. One bonus per person per visit.


Simply ask the person you referred to us to mention your name when they inquire, sign up for a  lesson, buy a gift certificate, etc. 

Thank you in advance for your trust and your referrals. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, suggestions, want to get more involved with us or just wanna say hi.

Thanks for helping grow the game and for helping us be the answer to "where can I go to learn how to play Pickleball."